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FREE CRIMECAST® Industry Benchmark Analyses (CIBAs)

A CIBA provides a convenient benchmark for comparing your crime risks to those of an entire industry. Simply select the industry of your choice from the list below. There is no cost or obligation – you don’t even need to provide your email address!

CIBAs are currently available for the following industries:

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What is a CIBA? 

A CIBA provides an overview of the crime risks for a selected industry. The assessment is based on CRIMECAST Scores and is conducted for the US locations within that industry.

Why use a CIBA? 

A CIBA displays the national distribution of CRIMECAST Scores for a given industry. When combined with a companywide risk assessment, a CIBA allows for the risk benchmarking of a company’s sites against an entire industry.


CRIMECAST Maps and Reports identify the external risks of crime and loss and are ideal for ranking and comparing locations, site evaluation, portfolio analysis, risk management, security resource allocation, travel and routing optimization, asset protection, litigation support, and underwriting.

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