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We are pleased to announce the release of the updated CAP Index Scoring System for 2020.  Our new database includes a number of key changes to ensure we provide you with the most accurate data to measure the likelihood of crime and loss at any addresses in the US, Canada, and UK. 

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CAP Index is the pioneer of business crime risk forecasting. We have been developing and refining our proprietary CAP Index Scoring System for over 30 years; the result is the most comprehensive, robust, and reliable solution which has been validated against corporate and government data and proven in court.

CAP Index Call Out for New Release

The 2020 database has been updated with the latest crime and incident data available. Here are some highlights of what’s new:

  • The 2020 CAP Index Scoring System is built using more than 250 demographic predictors including business density information.
  • This year we analyzed over 10 million address-specific police reports and corporate loss incidents across six countries to score over 250,000 individual geographic regions.
  • Of the nearly 5 million business locations, we analyzed for 2020, over 25% of locations have a change of 15% or more in their CAP Index Score.


The CAP Index Scoring System uses sophisticated forecasting techniques that combine demographic and business statistics with crime and loss data to calculate crime risk. We base our forecasting approach on “Social Disorganization Theory,” which asserts that higher degrees of social problems in a neighborhood tend to correlate with higher levels of crime in that location.

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