Cap Index

Client Testimonials

Our client base of businesses and government agencies surpassed 5,000 total customers in 2015 and we are honored to count many leading national and international companies among our users. Our success is not limited solely to large enterprises; we count among our loyal client base many smaller, regional firms who understand the value of objective, data-driven decision-making. The testimonials below are candid, unedited comments reflecting a range of our clients’ experiences.

“CAP Reports are critical to my risk assessments. They have enabled us to take a more surgical approach to investing in our stores that need it the most.”

Brad Reeves
Senior Manager of Asset Protection
Five Below, Inc.

“CAP Index is the first tool I turn to when time is of the essence. I can always depend on CAP Index to provide me qualified crime information within a very few minutes that I feel comfortable reviewing with the C-Suite.”

Stephen A. Brown, CPP
Director, Corporate Security / Facility Security Officer
Burns & McDonnell

“CAP Index data is a vital part of our security decision-making process.”

Keith McGlen, CPP, CHPA
Associate Vice President
System Security Services
Memorial Hermann Health System


“CRIMECAST® Reports have helped our organization for many years to proactively assess the particular risk for crime surrounding our facilities. CAP Index® is an easy-to-use online service that allows the flexibility to share and decentralize within our North America business.”

Carlos J. Cortez,
Manager, Global Security Programs,
Kraft Foods, Inc.


“Our property selectors are not discouraged from a site just because it receives a high score. What we do is issue every store – all of them – a security classification. The classification determines how we allocate our security resources to that store.”

Claude Verville,


“CAP Online is great. It is easy to use and quick!”

Ken Wieczorek,
Bank of America

“In industries where there is high public contact and a customer is coming to our location (such as retail), why would you leave it to chance when planning security when there is an easy, affordable tool? When investing a million dollars on a location, what is this small charge compared to what it may cost you when you get sued?”

Jay Beighley,
Nationwide Insurance


“CAP Index Assessments are a must for anyone engaged in asset protection. The new website is much improved and as important, easy to navigate.”

Bruce List,
The Williams Companies


“CAP Index provides us with an opportunity to examine crime risk variations year to year at all of our locations, which drives what we do to protect our facilities. As part of the due diligence process, we use the CAP Index as one of our many tools in reviewing each location.”

Daniel Del Campo,
The Northern Trust Bank


“CAP’s data has been very helpful and is the last piece of information required to complete the formula for our crime risk rating for each facility.”

Terry Lucier,
Navistar International Corporation


“The reports have been very helpful… It’s become a key piece of data for our sites that we’re leveraging to make informed business decisions.”

Chris Freeman,
Vice President – Property Management, Kimco Realty


“We use CAP Index to determine the frequency and severity of criminal activity around our stores, and for benchmarking and developing security protocol at our locations.”

Brad Dykes,
Sr. Director Asset Protection/Safety, Cabela’s


“The Federal Aviation Administration has been using CRIMECAST as its crime risk management tool for three years for risk level determination and it has proven to be a consistent and reliable application. Our transition to the web version of CRIMECAST will give our employees the tools they need to gather real time information… anytime… anywhere. The web tool is fast, easy to use, and provides immediate results. Thank you for making my job that much easier!”

Patricia Pausch,
Federal Aviation Administration


“CAP Index’s Assessment Reports have been used for several years throughout our organization. The CRIMECAST Map is an excellent tool for displaying criminal statistics to Senior Management.”

Jeff Larson,
Progress Energy


“We have come to regard CAP Index as an integral part of our site and market selection process and is the basis for our Urban Pay system of rewarding employees for working in stores which may be difficult to operate.”

John A. Dix,
QuikTrip Stores


“CAP Index allows Wackenhut to assist our clients in their protection program different from our competition. We demonstrate our ability to be professionals and partners in their security plan.”

Mark Pickett,


“I first discovered CAP Index in 2005 while working on a project and trying to explain why two properties of roughly the same size needed different protective measures. CAP Index provides an easily understandable stand-alone graphic that quickly depicts the threats – or lack thereof – in a defined area. The standard for my risk assessment packages is to have a CAP Index Report included.

CAP Index Reports tell me where crime is likely to emanate from and often even the route it will take to the asset. Each facility I have had to generate a report for varies, and the team at CAP Index has been outstanding at tailoring the reports to reflect the proper scope of work I am trying to portray.

It’s a good company with good people doing good things. That’s a lot of good in a world of crime.”

Doug Reynolds,
Director of Security, Mall of America

“We are proud of our partnership with CAP Index and our methods for factoring their data into our solutions. The intelligence within CAP Index’s CRIMECAST® Premium Reports and expertise of AlliedBarton personnel uniquely maximize the effectiveness of AlliedBarton’s overall security programs.”

David Feeney,
Director of Integrated Solutions,
AlliedBarton Security Services

Wivenhoe-Group logo
“As a security engineering firm, we carry-out, as a matter of course, a threat analysis for all client facilities, whether it is new security design engineering, a security vulnerability assessment, security audit, security oversight report, or other form of security consulting assignment.

In every case, and as part of the Threat Analysis, we utilize a CAP Index Report which we find particularly effective, easily understood, educational for the client, and invaluable in assessing the level of threat for any given facility and location.

In addition, we find the CAP Index staff to be more than just helpful and professional both in terms of rapid response, willing assistance above and beyond, and simply representing exceptional customer support that is found in very few companies these days.

Wivenhoe Management Group would recommend CAP Index services and people to anyone without any hesitation.”

David S. McCann,
Principal Consultant


Larry Brown,
Sr. VP of Risk Management
for First Citizens Bancshares Claims

“We use CAP for our express care locations to determine the level of security that is necessary and also on the main campus to determine if the current level of security we currently have is staying with the trends in the area.”

Tim Sutton,
Memorial Health System

“We use the CAP Index to rank and compare locations on risk assessments. It is also used to determine security measures that should be used at the sites and which sites should have security guards.”

Jonathan Kirby,
Redstone Federal Credit Union

“We are pleased to continue using CAP Index’s valuable crime data. Since March 1993, our insurance customers have come to rely on this service for objective, reliable crime-exposure information on specific locations in their underwriting and pricing decisions.”

Patrick McLaughlin,

“I’ve found CRIMECAST to be an accurate, cost-effective aid for helping to determine potential crime risk.”

Jeff Karpovich,
Carolinas HealthCare System

“We have used the CAP Index reporting system on a national basis for more than 10 years. We find that the reports are extremely valuable with risk rating our many sites and assisting us in determining an appropriate level of equipment, technology, and strategies to utilize.”

Robert Rayner,
Comerica Bank

“CAP Online is well laid out and easy to use.”

Al Jacobs,
Babies R Us

“As the risk manager for MAAC, I find CAP Index data to be extremely useful in my effort to allocate safety resources.”

Doug Clark,
Mid-America Apartment Communities

“I found the website very user-friendly. I’ve used the website several times to obtain a quick analysis of a site, it’s not only easy to use but the response is very quick.”

Kevin Null,
Chevy Chase Bank

“Businesses and landlords have a legal duty and owe their customers a reasonable standard of care for their personal safety in the face of foreseeable risk. CAP Index Reports are an important source of determining the level of that risk. This, in turn, establishes a basis for providing reasonable security measures and security resources necessary to protect the public.”

Andrew P. Sutor,
Principal, Sutor & Associates, LLC

“Sako & Associates, Inc. has found the CAP Index program to be extremely beneficial when conducting critical vulnerability assessments for its clients. As a former police chief and corporate security director, I have found the information to be consistent with the quality of information I would require of both police department and corporate security department staffs.”

Robert B. Koverman,
Associate Manager, Sako & Associates, Inc.

“We have been using CAP Index Reports for over 10 years. CAP Index is a tool we use and trust.”

Nick Radu,
Henry Ford Health System


“Developing a Risk Assessment model based on the data from CAP Index has helped us manage our risk and determine the level of security that we need to invest in for each location.”

Dan Snead,
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

“The actionable risk methodology and data provided by CAP Index and their toolbox illustrates and supports demonstrably, recommendations and mitigation strategies that clients can take and blend with and support business plans and objectives today and into the future to protect their people, intellectual property, and facilities.”

Bill Besse,
Andrews International

“CAP Index Reports are very helpful for risk management analysis and action planning related to the safety and security of our hotels.”

Linda Wiley,
Extended Stay Hotels

“They are helpful and tie up to a lot of our internal data. We use it for shrink goals, audit ranking, and of course security needs. It’s great to have that nationwide consistent score to put things in perspective.”

Jeremy Van Ommeren,
Westlake ACE Hardware

“Security Management Services International has been using the CAP Index services almost since our inception. As Security Consultants, one of our primary clients has been medical centers across the country. The CAP Index is an excellent device for the provision of adjunctive information to the data obtained from local police jurisdictions. The CAP Index gives local police data context because it is a relational database. Because most hospitals have large geographic service areas, it is important for us to not only understand the adjacent crime environment, but the crime environment within the outlying service radius of each hospital.”

Bill Nesbitt,
Security Management Services International