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Academic Foundation

The CRIMECAST® risk forecasting system was developed in response to proposed legislation developed in the 1980s that mandated stringent security measures be indiscriminately required at all of a company’s locations.

Criminology professor Robert M. Figlio, Ph.D. suggested that this draft legislation, while well-intended, was unlikely to achieve any material increase in safety at high crime risk locations. Figlio then joined with researcher-statistician Steven K. Aurand to lead a team of academics, business people, computer professionals, and legislators in developing a rational, cost-effective means of determining the likelihood of crime occurring at specific locations that would permit more effective allocation of security measures. The original research was sponsored by large oil and convenience store companies, health care providers, and manufacturing concerns.

Based on the success of this initial project, Figlio and Aurand formed CAP Index, Inc. in 1988 to make crime risk assessments commercially available. Their firm pioneered the complex field of business crime risk forecasting and analysis. Together, they created what has become the industry standard CAP Index scoring system, which is based on the strong relationship that exists between a neighborhood’s “social disorganization” and the amount of crime that is perpetrated there. (CAP is an acronym that stands for Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property.)


Today, Figlio and Aurand’s vision of accurately forecasting business crime risk has been realized. CAP Index is now the preeminent source of crime risk data, mapping, and benchmarking for businesses and government agencies in the US, the UK, Canada, and Puerto Rico. CAP Index has evolved into the company that provides the intelligence to protect physical assets, customers, and employees from losses, such as criminal activity, fraud, shrink, and workers’ compensation and general liability claims. We help guide our clients’ security programs and allow them to make sound, data-driven decisions that reduce risk.

Branching Out

Our product and service offerings have grown over the decades to meet ever more complex challenges and industry demands. Our CAPData predictive maps and reports have been the industry’s gold standard for over 25 years. CAPAnalyticsfacilitates data-driven decision making by unlocking actionable intelligence in customized data. CAPConsulting® provides strategic advisory services and litigation support for premises liability mitigation and asset protection. CAPWare real-time security process compliance & management software helps users survey facilities, document compliance, visualize data, optimize allocations, and manage resources.

Together with our clients, we develop complex and robust solutions that empower decision makers to implement strategies that work in the real world and directly impact security, safety, and the bottom line.

Let CAP Index help you Outsmart Crime®.