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Supporting the Industry

Our expertise has enabled us to develop lasting, beneficial relationships with loss prevention and risk management trade groups in a broad range of industries. As a trusted partner of these organizations, we are privileged to work on projects that enhance safety and security as well as improve loss prevention practices of member companies.

CAP Index brings objectivity and a data-driven focus to our industry trade group partnerships. We help these organizations communicate important findings to their members through loss prevention analytics, consulting, and presentations at annual meetings. Recent examples include:

American Bankers Association
CAP Index provides data analytics and scheduled industry reports to American Bankers Association Bank Capture subscribers. Developed in partnership with the FBI, ABA Bank Capture is a collaborative initiative led by the ABA, an advisory board of its member bankers, and law enforcement. ABA Bank Capture is a data-sharing platform for banks to report, share, and analyze their robbery and other bank crime data. CAP Index is also working closely with the ABA and member financial institutions to update their robbery risk assessment protocol.

Food Marketing Institute
CAP Index provided statistical analysis for the Food Marketing Institute’s Employee and Customer Safety Metrics Survey covering workers’ compensation and general liability bodily injury claims. Our analysis covered OSHA recordable cases, DART cases, and medically treated injuries, broken down by department. CAP Index is also working closely with the FMI to develop a model risk assessment protocol that will be utilized by member companies.


Loss Prevention Research Council
Typically over the years, the Loss Prevention Research Council has done much of their own shrink/loss research and has relied upon our CAP Index Scores as part of their analyses. Recently, however, we were given the opportunity to work directly with four major retailers on a preliminary assessment of temporal and spatial robbery patterns for various US geographies. As in each other LPRC research study, a strong correlation was found between the loss measures being studied, in this case robbery rates, and the underlying risk of crime in each neighborhood, as measured by CAP Index Scores.

Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association
CAP Index has a long history of working with the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (formerly known as the National Food Service Security Council). Most recent examples of our collaboration include multiple robbery and burglary analysis reports that were presented at their annual conferences. Additionally, a preliminary security measure survey was conducted earlier this year with the goal of exploring a more advanced countermeasure-related study in the future.

UK Fashion Forum
CAP Index partnered with the Fashion Forum in the UK back in 2013 to analyze a survey of its membership. The study was focused on crime and loss affecting retailers as well as loss prevention strategies that are employed. CAP recently updated the survey and delivered 2015 results.

Interested in uncovering trends in your industry?

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