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Protecting Your Assets and Reputation in a Litigious Society

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What could you have done better to protect against crime? With CAP Scores as a key component of your risk assessment, you may be able to answer with a resounding, “Nothing.” CAP intelligence gives you the information needed to assess crime risk and put into place measures that make your business as safe as is reasonably possible.  You’ll have peace of mind that you are being prudent in protecting your people and property. And if the worst does occur, you’ll have a credible and objective rationale for your decisions to act as a defense against potentially costly and reputation-altering litigation.

Our crime risk analysis methods and data have been admitted hundreds of times in state and federal court, in accordance with the Daubert standard, which sets the ground rules for permitting expert testimony.

CAP Index offers exceptional experience to clients who require an expert witness, litigation support, or forensic services, as well as strategic asset protection advisory services. We have actively participated in the evaluation and analysis of more than 600 premises liability/inadequate security cases nationwide, resulting in favorable outcomes for our clients.

Utilizing CAP Index solutions in Litigation Support and Due Diligence will make your organization more secure by:

  • Establishing an objective and defensible rationale for security allocations
  • Proactively protecting your employees, visitors, and assets
  • Implementing industry best practices
  • Improving safety and working to avoid litigation
  • Should the need arise, providing an objective rationale in court for the decisions you have made

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