For many companies, the emphasis on crime risk assessment has historically been focused on their physical locations – stores, restaurants, distribution centers, and office CAP Index Heat Map for Delivery Riskfacilities. This makes sense given that these locations are where the vast majority of their employees, customers, and product come together. As retailers and restaurants have had to quickly adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated shut down orders, the emphasis is quickly pivoting to delivery operations.

As the number of delivery drivers and in-home workers continues to grow, so does the risk of crime and loss while en route and at the doorstep. CAP Index’s

 data and reports help organizations understand the risks associated with delivery so proper protocols and protections can be considered to protect both workers and products.

CAP Index can help your organization understand the risk of crime not only for a targeted address but also from every point in its vicinity, so you can take knowledgeable actions to shield your people and inventory when off-site.

CAP Index’s CRIMECAST Reports and Data can help retailers understand the risks your delivery drivers and products face as they make their way from your stores to the customer’s doorstep.  CRIMECAST Data can be used to:

  • Determine the safest route for your deliveries;
  • Develop and implement the appropriate security measures for protecting your packages and drivers; and,
  • Provide guidance on delivery policies and protocols.
  • Reduce the number of lost, stolen, and damaged packages; and, keep your delivery drivers safe.

If this is a new emphasis for your organization, let us know how we can help you outsmart crime.