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Strategic Security Advisory Services

In addition to helping clients with litigation services, CAPConsulting provides clients with:

  • Proactive strategic advice
  • Policy and procedure reviews
  • Management practices assessment
  • Training protocol enhancement
  • Risk matrix development

site assessment iconStrategic Assessments

We evaluate threats and vulnerabilities at a single property and can perform a multiple-site survey up to and including national portfolios. We advise clients with thousands of locations, including multi-family residential properties, retailers, restaurant chains, and a vast array of other commercial enterprises.

Our clients rely upon our knowledge and experience encompassing hundreds of litigated claims and security consultations to highlight areas within their operations that may require attention. Frequently, the goal is to establish consistent asset protection protocols among similar properties.


CAP Intelligence at Work

The CAPAnalytics™ and CAPConsulting teams collaborate on risk model building, location tiering, and other custom solutions.

Another significant area of expertise involves post-incident response consultations. We can evaluate whether a client’s response was adequate, what their exposure might be, and what issues need to be addressed. We can help to document thoroughly a credible and defensible position. This kind of review can help place clients in a stronger position even before a claim is made.

The CAPConsulting Team can also assist with other proactive strategic advice, policy and procedure reviews, management practices assessment, training protocol enhancement, and risk matrix development.

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