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The Big Picture

CRIMECAST® Citywide Maps are 4′ x 3′ color maps detailing the risk of crime for larger geographic areas. Each map covers up to an approximately 46 x 30 mile area.

City Map Samples

CRIMECAST Citywide Maps

Available in both electronic and paper delivery formats, CRIMECAST Citywide Maps are ideal for delivery services, home healthcare, executive protection, real estate planning, and general proximity applications. Citywide Maps can be delivered in one of two formats: Block Group Maps or Contour Maps.

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CRIMECAST Block Group City Map SampleBlock Group Maps

Individual block groups are color-coded depicting the level of risk within the block group to identify the potential origin of crime or criminal behavior.

These maps identify possible effects of risk on neighboring block groups as well as the level of risk within the block group itself.

A block group with a score of 900 (nine times the national average) will greatly affect the address-specific scores within a nearby block group with a score of 150 (one and a half times the national average) due to criminal traveling patterns.

Download sample Citywide Block Group Map

CRIMECAST Contour City Map SampleContour Maps

Rather than showing the underlying block group layer, a contour map scores every point on the map using our radius/threshold methodology and joins points together to create contours.

Crime risks are identified visually using a green, yellow, and red “traffic light” color scheme.

GREEN: Areas presenting the lowest forecasted crime risk (CAP Index Score under 100) are shaded green.

YELLOW: Areas presenting a slightly above average risk (CAP Index Score between 100 and 199) are shaded yellow.

RED: Areas presenting levels considerably above average risk (CAP Index Score 200 and above) are shaded in darkening hues of red.

Download sample Citywide Contour Map

Citywide Maps – Applications

Clients utilize Citywide Maps in a variety of ways—from evaluating existing locations and plotting potential sites* to taking crime risk into account for operational activities, such as travel, routing, and even executive protection.

During the process of site selection, Citywide Maps give decision makers:

  • A full view of the crime risk scores and color coding across a broad area.
  • Information providing crucial insight into neighboring risks, transportation accessibility, and proximity to points of interest that can have an impact on crime and safety.

Another valuable application of Citywide Maps is Travel & Routing:

  • For retailers, banks, and others with cash-on-hand, scheduling armored car pick-ups is a key responsibility.
  • Citywide Maps can help clients determine the safest routes and pick-up times.
  • With crime risk levels detailed throughout Citywide Maps, this process can also be utilized by any company that has employees transporting valuable goods, such as pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, or other high-end merchandise.
  • In each of these instances, having a clear and objective understanding of an area’s crime risk is imperative for operational planning.

Executive protection can be improved using Citywide Maps:

  • Whether you’re relocating corporate executives permanently or booking travel for them, you will have a clearer picture of crime risk and therefore be better able to protect your executives and other employees.

*Please note that plotting sites onto Citywide Maps requires purchase of the corresponding CRIMECAST Reports.

Map Customizations

Customization of map windows and plotting of sites are both available for an extra charge.

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