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Customized Crime & Loss Data Analytics

Through a pilot program I’m now able to demonstrate that if we tackle our stores in the elevated risk category, we can reduce unrecorded loss by 15-20%.
– Graham Watt, Loss Prevention Investigator at The Co-operative Food

See the many ways CAPAnalytics can help reduce crime and optimize ROI. CAPAnalytics delivers impactful data intelligence to produce actionable recommendations and plans for store tiering, resource allocation, process and countermeasure implementation for shrink and other loss categories, and overall ROI determinations.

Our proprietary methodology, which includes millions of data points pertaining to address-specific crime, in conjunction with our one-of-a-kind team of criminologists, statisticians, analysts, legal security experts, security consultants, and advisors have given CAP the unique ability to unlock hidden correlations, predictors, and other valuable insights from client and industry data with proven accuracy.


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Benefits of Customized Data Intelligence

  • Analyze your shrink, crime, and other losses to develop appropriate risk categories and mitigation strategies.
  • Assess which security measures have been most effective.
  • Understand the crime and loss issues that other businesses in your area are experiencing.
  • Compare your current security countermeasures with ones that are being utilized by other businesses in your area.
  • Understand industry trends and best practices in security resource allocation.
  • Develop a tiering system to rank locations and assign appropriate levels of security resources to each tier.
  • Find locations that are performing better than expected in particular categories and analyze their reasons for success.
  • Flag underperforming locations for loss mitigation.
  • Enhance policies and procedures and establish best practices throughout the enterprise. Validate your security choices and optimize your ROI.
  • Provide litigation support and due diligence.

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Data-Driven Decisions

“It’s great to have some real science and insight behind our decision-making process.”
– Phil Mead, Carphone Warehouse

Unlock Actionable Intelligence in Custom Analytical Solutions

CAPAnalytics is customizable – it leverages internal data provided by the client to develop crime risk solutions tailored to the unique needs and requirements of their specific industry.

CAPAnalytics is proven – our analytical solutions are used by retailers, financial institutions, restaurant chains, and other industry-leading companies.

CAPAnalytics paired with CAPConsulting® helps provide clients with a defensible rationale for assigning security measures at various locations based upon defined risks. The extensive experience of our CAPAnalytics Group with a broad array of clients and industry groups uniquely positions us to craft actionable solutions to meet customer needs.

Data Intelligence at Work

A large general merchandise retailer has used CAPAnalytics as an online security compliance tool to provide them with a continuous assessment of their sites’ asset protection levels and alerts as violent crimes occur.

A large sporting goods retailer has used CAPAnalytics as a custom risk assessment tool for their stores and cash deposit sites to optimize their use of armored cars – they experienced reduced loss and enhanced employee safety.



How to Get Started

FREE Customized CAP Index Validation Study: Uncover the predictive power of CAP Index Scores against your crime and loss data by engaging the CAPAnalytics team in a free, no obligation correlation assessment.

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