Cap Index

Actionable Intelligence Customized for You

The integration of customer information with our exclusive CAPData™ results in operational business intelligence that positively impacts our clients’ bottom lines. The ROI from engaging our CAPAnalytics™ Group is measurable in terms of reduced losses, enhanced employee and customer safety, optimized security resource allocation, and improved decision making.

See the many ways CAPAnalytics can help reduce crime and optimize ROI.

Building a Custom Risk Model

  • We import your company’s select internal data, such as location characteristics, operational variables, crime and claim information, shrink, and other loss measures.
  • Your internal information is then associated with our proprietary CAPData, which includes CRIMECAST® Scores, demographic characteristics, proximity variables, etc.
  • Statistical modeling, married with our extensive knowledge of industry best practices, is then employed to produce a unique data solution that reveals both predicted and actual risks at each site within your portfolio of locations.


How to Get Started

FREE Customized CAP Index Validation Study: Uncover the predictive power of CAP Index Scores against your crime and loss data by engaging the CAPAnalytics team in a free, no obligation correlation assessment.

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