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ABA jumbo-macThe ABA Bank Capture system provides a platform for banks to report, share, and analyze their robbery and other bank crime data.

The national database allows banks of all asset sizes to share bank crime information in a secure and confidential manner. Incident details are shared with law enforcement, and bankers can take advantage of many system tools, including:

  • Automated alerts and recent activity notifications
  • Intelligent link-analysis
  • Investigation collaboration tools
  • Full text search capability
  • Advanced system reporting

CAP Index’s expertise in the collection, management, analysis, and application of crime and loss data is central to the Bank Capture initiative. The CAPAnalytics™ Group conducts in-depth quarterly and annual analyses of information gathered in the Bank Capture database and provides the membership with reports containing their expert interpretation of the findings.

Bank Capture Benefits

ABA Bank Capture enables bankers to share information among themselves and with law enforcement to help combat common threats and crimes. ABA Bank Capture allows bankers to utilize real-time critical incident data to:

  • Know about incidents at neighboring institutions in a timely manner
  • Address emerging crime trends
  • Track incidents regardless of location or jurisdiction
  • Benchmark against the industry
  • Enhance security/LP strategy
  • Better allocate and budget for resources to help prevent loss
  • Protect profitability
  • Reduce liability

ABA system-map
Features and Functionality

  • Easy data entry and import from case management
  • Comprehensive search tools (full text search, related terms, etc.)
  • Dynamic link analysis examining related records for patterns and trends in the data
  • Communication tools allowing members to work together and with law enforcement
  • Dynamic reporting and mapping capabilities
  • Automated alerts and recent activity notifications
  • Online training and support to help get you started and for ongoing training needs

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