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National Shrink Database®


Data Tool for Reducing Shrink

The National Shrink Database (NSD) enables retailers to compare their shrink numbers to averages from the national level down to highly precise geographic areas (ZIP Codes, 1-mile radii, etc.). Comparisons can also be made by a specific retail subcategory (Apparel, Footwear, etc.). Developed by CAP Index, Inc. and LP Innovations, Inc., the NSD provides objective data for making critical business decisions.

Membership Benefits

The NSD is a powerful research tool containing location-specific shrink and security measure statistics. It is supported by leading American retailers to establish an information clearinghouse. The NSD data are drawn from over 47,000 confidential store reports provided by member companies.

Stats You Can Count On

  • Participating Stores         47,000+
  • Retail Shrink Average      2.20%
  • Alarm System Use            80.0%
  • EAS System Use                40.7%
  • CCTV System Use             47.9%

Benefits of the NSD

  • Industry-wide and retail subcategory benchmarking statistics on shrink averages, shrink distributions, and security measure utilization
  • Data available at national, state and local levels (including ZIP Code and 1-mile radius searches)
  • Constantly improving data through membership growth and database enhancements

Uses of the NSD

  • Research local shrink levels and security measure utilization to fine-tune your loss prevention initiatives
  • Identify outliers
  • Justify budgeting and resource allocation

Interested in Becoming a Member?

Access to the National Shrink Database website is restricted to retailers who have a contractual agreement with the National Shrink Database. Retailers not providing data can join for an annual license fee.

Click here to find out how to become a member.