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Proximity Analysis Report FAQs

Below is a list of common questions and answers regarding our Proximity Analysis Reports. Please view the answers by clicking on the questions.

If you do not see the answer to your questions, please contact CAP.

What is Proximity Analysis?

Proximity Analysis is a consequence-management tool that identifies potential targets, threats, or other sites of concern near your business, providing a broader perspective on each location’s total security requirements.

What factors does it identify?

Proximity Analysis identifies a variety of factors within a site’s surrounding environment which could affect business continuity and mission objectives. Such points of interest include public attractions, industrial facilities, public infrastructure, government facilities and transportation hubs.

What is the Custom Points of Interest (POI) tool?

The newly developed Custom POI feature allows you to upload your own points of interest and view them alongside the existing layers offered in CAP Index’s Proximity Analysis Reports. Account administrators are able to manage the Custom POI tool by uploading an Excel spreadsheet that contains the address information or latitude/longitude coordinates for each point of interest. The CRIMECAST® System holds up to 5 custom layers per account, with each layer containing no more than 2500 points. If you are interested in adding more layers or points, contact CAP.

How can Custom Points of Interest (POI) help me?

Although there are many layers offered in CAP’s existing Proximity Analysis Reports, organizations may have specialized concerns that can be addressed by uploading customized points. Additionally, there may be situations in which a newly constructed resource or threat is not yet recognized by POI providers. The ability to add such points allows users to update their Proximity Analysis Reports to reflect their knowledge of a facility’s surrounding environment.

What distance is covered in a Proximity report?

Proximity reports can be customized by distance from a central address point ranging from one mile to fifty miles away from a chosen address.

How do I know where the risk points are in relation to the requested address?

CAP Index Proximity Analysis reports position the address of interest in the center of the map. Proximity reports are delivered via two documents, a PDF map identifying the chosen risk factors with icons correlating to an accompanying legend, and a spreadsheet noting the type of site and its distance to the address being evaluated. Where available, the name and address of the site will also be provided.

Why are some factors not included in the report?

In maintaining the Proximity Analysis database, CAP Index uses the best available data. In some cases, criteria for identifying a structure may be incomplete, or database layers may not be consistent with identification criteria. In addition, some structures may either be too new or have been replaced or destroyed, representing occasional errors in reporting. It is currently not feasible to be 100% accurate in all cases all of the time.