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CAP Index Looks Beyond the Headlines to Understand Trends in Violent Crime

To gain a better understanding of what’s really happening beyond the sensational headlines, CAP Index recently surveyed clients – across a broad range of industries – regarding their firsthand experience with violent crime. We set out to determine whether there had been an increase, decrease, or no change from 2014 to 2015 in seven different types of crime: homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.

Here’s what we learned, on an aggregate basis, from the 149 survey responses we received:

  • Very few companies reported a decrease in crime (only 8% – 16% of respondents depending on the crime category)
  • Many companies noted an increase in crime, including:
    • More than 50% of respondents for robbery and larceny
    • 40% – 50% of respondents for burglary and aggravated assault
    • 17% – 34% of respondents for homicide, rape, and motor vehicle theft

Based on this sampling, it appears as though there is truth behind the headlines regarding the growth of violent crime. CAP Index is prepared to help you respond to this increased risk by providing the tools and information necessary to understand and manage all types of crime.

CAP Index can help your company design and deliver the right solutions to the right locations by allocating security resources objectively. When using our crime risk intelligence, your asset protection professionals are better equipped to OUTSMART CRIME® in an increasingly dangerous world.

This client survey provides a very small sampling of our crime research capabilities. In fact, CAP Index regularly conducts rigorous research and generates valuable trend data for several industry-specific organizations in banking, retail, and food service. We encourage any interested parties to participate in those studies. Contact CAP to learn more about our crime research initiatives and how you can gain a more informed understanding of the crime risks specific to your industry.

Interested in uncovering trends in your industry?

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