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Demonstrate a Need for Guards with CAP Index CRIMECAST Reports

Make the case for proper guarding at your prospects and clients with CAP Index’s CRIMECAST data and reports.

CRIMECAST reports provide frequently updated risk data for every location to help your clients make data-backed decisions and establish security protocols based on objective, validated data.



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    With CRIMECAST reports, you can:

    • Deliver an overview of crime risk at current locations and site-specific risks.
    • Compare crime rates of facilities with similar characteristics but different geographic locations.
    • Offer objective rationale for security policy and procedure changes.
    • Provide a basis for setting security standards and allocating budgets.
    • Justify security coverage recommendations to senior management.
    • Better understand and proactively manage your business risks and their effect on safety and profitability.

    CRIMECAST Reports area a great tool for us to help justify existing staffing levels or increases too. Customers use the reports to help with setting wages for their guards, and to benchmark and judge properties. Police stats are always in different formats - often categorized differently and ALWAYS difficult to obtain. When we can get them - they are always difficult to explain to clients. CRIMECAST Reports are always the same format for all areas or cities. We normally try to pull a report for each new property. We then normally advise clients to pull reports every 2 years...

    Stephen E. Buchard
    Vice President
    Allied Universal Security Services, LLC

    CAP Index reports help our client shape their preparedness level for their travel plans, and general awareness in areas where they are looking at factors such as the on-site security level, or whether it is worth having the security armed or just unarmed at a location. In some aspects, [CRIMECAST Reports] helps sell the need for our services, and can show the value that may be provided by various levels of security when looking at coverage options.

    Logan Fischer
    Client Portfolio Manager
    Allied Universal

    Our utilization of CRIMECAST Reports adds a layer of objectivity and credibility to our annual staffing assessments. In fact, our Client now expects CRIMECAST Reports to be included in all future proposals and annual staffing assessments. We also utilize CRIMECAST data in our QBRs. Our Client has 24 hospitals and 300+ clinics.

    Michael Wang
    Systems Director - Security - JLL Adventist Health
    Allied Universal

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