ASIS Report Highlights the Importance of Metrics in Evaluating Security Protocols and Communicating ROI

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Image of Persuading Senior Management Report CoverThe ASIS Foundation released its report, “Persuading Senior Management with Effective, Evaluated Security Metrics,” a comprehensive research report designed to help demonstrate the organizational ROI of accurately documenting security metrics.

Dozens of researchers and consultants, as well as almost 300 security professionals who participated in an online survey, contributed to the report which is available for free download from the ASIS Foundation.

Steven K. Aurand, Founder and CEO of CAP Index, explained, “what the ASIS Foundation has authoritatively documented is that metrics matter and this is precisely what CAP Index has been saying since our founding over 25 years ago. We helped create the crime risk forecasting industry in 1988 precisely to arm companies with better decision-making tools. Metrics unlock the truth. They objectively reveal what works and what doesn’t work and they support cost-effective decision-making that C-level executives can believe in. This well-researched report by the ASIS Foundation confirms the importance of employing metrics for security investment decisions.”

One of the outcomes in the report recognized the importance of employing objective crime risk data in establishing effective security metrics. CAP Index crime risk forecasting data is referenced as one resource relied upon by a study participant for establishing actionable and effective security metrics.

“Obviously, we were pleased that our specific crime risk forecasting data is referenced in this groundbreaking report as a source used by a study participant,” said Aurand. “We have always actively supported individual companies as well as professional associations like ASIS International and the ASIS Foundation as they strive to implement cost-effective security solutions. Our ongoing work establishing risk assessment guidelines with the American Bankers Association, and supporting the Food Marketing Institute, the Loss Prevention Research Council, and the Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association promotes the exact goal recommended in the ASIS Foundation report to include objective metrics in any security-related decision-making process.”

Download excerpts from the ASIS Foundation Report with details on using CAP Index


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