Manage Crime Risk Across Your Organization
From One Central Location

CAP Index’s CRIMECAST Platform (“CCP”) is our proprietary online information management system for accessing, storing, and managing your location-specific crime risk data. The CCP Essentials are provided at no additional cost with any CRIMECAST Report. 

    Add unlimited users to the platform.

    Score any site in just minutes to identify your crime risk.

    Compare your site’s risks to each other or an industry as a whole.

    Use interactive maps and layers to view and search sites.

    Organize and Track Sites and Crime Risk Data with Ease

    • Compare your site’s risks to each other or any industry as a whole.
    • View the risk distribution across your sites.
    • View and search sites using interactive maps and layers.
    • Configure the Site Library to view only the critical data you need.
    • Add tags and notes to search or filter locations. 
    • Conduct a simple site survey for each location.
    • Export your site information and crime risk data. 

    Customize the Platform How You Want

    • Provision unlimited users with granular access control through user groups, classifications, and account-based permission levels.
    • Add your organization’s logo and colors.
    • Use custom map icons and score ranges.
    • Monitor account usage and ensure site data is updated on time.
    • View an ongoing transaction history along with site-specific audit trails.
    • Set up 2-factor authentication or integrate with SSO.
    • Control data retention policies.

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    Leverage Enhanced Features for Greater Insight

    • Add Custom Mapping Layers such as police incident data or organization-specific data.
    • Develop a Custom Scoring Model to use within the CRIMECAST Platform.
    • Use the Enhanced Asset Registry to record and track details on hardware and security measures at each location.
    • Leverage the Guarding Management Module to handle internal third-party guarding requests.
    • Connect the CRIMECAST Platform with your internal tools using our Restful API or Data Uploads.