A New Year Brings New Crime Risk Challenges

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After two years of uncertainty, one thing remains clear — organizations must be prepared for whatever risks may come. With that in mind, CAP Index has continued to produce new data intelligence to help clients identify, rank, and compare crime risks to prioritize critical security decisions.

Updated Point-of-Interest Data

Sample POI Categories

Points of Interest are locations that can potentially augment or mitigate crime risks and are a helpful addition to any security assessment.  Understanding the points of interest around your sites provides a deeper look into the make-up of the community and its crime risks.

For example, the presence of locations such as check cashing facilities and pawn shops might be correlated with greater social disorganization and higher crime risk. CRIMECAST Reports now list the distance to the closest POI for each POI category, as well as the POI counts within a given radius. POI data points are also plotted in the CRIMECAST Platform’s interactive mapping tools.

New Supplemental CAP Scores

Supplemental Scores for Simple Assault and VandalismWhile Simple Assault and Vandalism typically inflict less injury and damage, they still can cause significant problems for businesses, they can affect customers’ and employees’ sense of safeness, and they might serve as leading indicators for more serious crime types. CAP Index now provides these new Supplemental Scores to help users to better understand the risks surrounding their locations.


Different Scoring Methodologies for Different Decisions

Our NEW MAX-1 and MAX-12 Scoring Methodologies extend your options for nuanced security decision-making across your portfolio of locations. Use MAX-1 to keep remote employees safer “in the field” or MAX-12 to assess crime risks at corporate headquarters and distribution centers.

Scoring Methodologies Example

CAP Index customers can now get all of these great new features in one report. Contact one of our sales reps today about the CRIMECAST Premium Plus report and how it can help your organization Assess Risk, and Outsmart Crime.

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