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Are You Ready For A Data-Driven Approach To Crime Risk Assessment?

When your security resources aren’t deployed properly, you put your customers, employees, and business at risk.

Having just minimum security standards may not be enough. And waiting for a crime to occur before adding measures is impractical and irresponsible. To optimize your security budget and allocate resources where they are needed, you should rely on an objective data-driven approach to crime risk assessment.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your security allocation. We’ll address how you currently assess risk at each location, what security resources you employ, and how you measure ROI. You’ll also:

  • Learn how a data-driven approach to crime risk mitigation can benefit your company
  • Get a crime risk distribution assessment (if you have 50 or more locations)
  • Receive a sample CRIMECAST report for one address

Don’t wait for an unfortunate event before assessing your needs. We’ve helped some of the biggest brands mitigate their crime risk. We can help you, too.

Of the top 25
financial institutions in the U.S.
Of the top 25
retailers in
the U.S.
of Fortune 100 companies
Of the top 10
restaurant brands in the U.S.
Of the top 10
insurance companies in the U.S.

"We have come to regard CAP Index as an integral part of our site and market selection process and is the basis for our Urban Pay system of rewarding employees for working in stores which may be difficult to operate."

John A. Dix
QuikTrip Stores