A Conversation with CAP – Episode #4: Discussing the Q2 2021 Residential Crime Trend Analysis

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Watch episode #4 of “A Conversation with CAP” – Discussing the Q2 2021 Residential Crime Trend Analysis

In this episode of “A Conversation with CAP,” Basia Pietrawska and Dr. Ben Stickle, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration, discuss recent trends in residential crimes across eight major metropolitan areas (Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City). Dr. Ben Stickle brings a unique perspective to the conversation with a special focus on package theft and other property crimes.  This episode addresses unique topics such as:

  • What is the impact of new work-at-home policies on residential crime? 
  • Is there a link between pandemic-related tensions and an increase in domestic violence?
  • As online shopping continues to grow exponentially, what trends are we seeing in package theft and how do they affect brand reputation?
You can watch the full episode by clicking on the video. 

Download the Q2 2021 Residential Crime Trend Analysis

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Dr. Ben Stickle is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration at Middle Tennessee State University. His research interests include policing (use of force & administration), property crime (metal theft & burglary), and emerging crimes (package theft & crime in the sharing economy). Ben’s theoretical focus is crime opportunity and rational choice with a specialization in qualitative methods. His research has appeared in the American Journal of Criminal Justice, Police Practice & Research, and Policing: An International Journal. He is the author of Metal Scrappers and Thieves (Springer) and editor or co-editor of two other books. Ben has authored over twenty book chapters, reviews, & encyclopedia entries. His research has garnered national and international attention, including media interviews (e.g., New York TimesGood Morning AmericaNBC Investigative Reporting), presentations in six counties and across numerous practitioner outlets. In addition to his research, Ben has over twenty years of experience in the criminal justice field, including service as a Police Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, and Private Security Officer. He is a two-time past President of the Kentucky Peace Officers’ Association and a Council member of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. A graduate of the National Forensic Academy (Session XXII), Ben holds multiple professional certifications and has served as an expert witness on police administration matters. Currently, Ben incorporates his experience as a practitioner and research interests into service as a program evaluator or primary investigator for multiple Bureau of Justice grants.

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