Helping Financial Institutions Assess Risk & Mitigate Crime

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For over 12 years, CAP Index has worked closely with the American Bankers Association (ABA) to provide data analytics and scheduled industry reports to its members. 

During this time, CAP’s VP of Crime Risk Analytics & Consulting, Basia Pietrawska, has played a key role in the development of the two major ABA toolsets: the Bank Robbery Toolbox and the ATM Security Risk Assessment. These tools help ABA members evaluate threats and optimize security measures at existing and new bank branches and ATMs.

This article provides some additional information about CAP Index’s relationship with the ABA and how CAP Index helps financial institutions to assess risk and mitigate crime.

What are the ABA’s ATM Security Risk Assessment and Bank Robbery Toolbox used for?

The ATM Security Risk Assessment and Bank Robbery Toolbox are customizable, weighted surveys that provide financial institutions with a process of evaluating ATM and branch risks, and then assigning appropriate security measures accordingly.

According to the ATM Industry Association, ATM crime rose 60% in 2019 so it is important to have the right tools to assess the risk at these locations and develop the right strategies to mitigate this concerning trend.

Why is it important for financial institutions to use a CAP Index Risk Assessment?

Understanding the crime potential at, and around an ATM or bank branch is a critical part of the ABA toolsets. The ABA recommends CAP Index’s CRIMECAST Data and Reports as one way to understand the area crime potential and ensure that financial institutions are taking the right security precautions. CAP Index’s CRIMECAST Data and Reports can be used to measure the likelihood that crime and loss will occur at any ATM or branch address in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

“CAP Scores are a critical component of the ABA Bank Robbery Toolbox and ATM Security Risk Assessment. Basia Pietrawska, of CAP Index, was instrumental in creating the crime history rating and overall scoring methodology for the ATM Risk Assessment, as well as assisting in the creation of the complementary scoring spreadsheet. Leveraging these tools is an important part of the process for evaluating financial security measures at financial institutions and ATM locations.” 
– Heather Wyson – VP, Cyber and Physical Security Policy for the ABA


ABA's ATM Security Risk Assessment Guidelines

What is the ABA Bank Capture System?  

ABA Bank Capture is a collaborative initiative led by the American Bankers Association, an advisory board of its member banks, CAP Index, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The ABA Bank Capture system provides a platform for banks to report, share, and analyze bank crime data. This subscribers-only database allows banks of all sizes to share information in a secure and confidential manner to proactively prepare for and potentially prevent future events. With ABA Bank Capture, bankers can:

  • Be notified of local and national incidents in a timely manner, allowing them to take steps to protect their bank and customers.
  • Identify criminal activity trends and patterns.
  • Assess the effectiveness of security controls.
  • Utilize reports to enhance business decisions and properly allocate resources.
  • Track criminal activity and take steps to reduce their risks for bank robberies, burglaries, and ATM crime.

What role does CAP Index play in the ABA Bank Capture System?

The technology platform behind the ABA Bank Capture system is provided and supported by the Ministry of Ideas. CAP Index provides data analytics and scheduled industry reports to ABA Bank Capture subscribers.

the 2017-October 2020 ABA Financial Crime Industry Analysis

We are pleased to share the 2017 – October 2020 ABA Financial Industry Crime Analysis from CAP Index’s Crime Risk Consulting and Analytics team. The Financial Industry Crime Analysis illustrates the strong relationship that exists between CAP Scores and financial industry crime, underscoring the importance of why financial institutions should include CAP Scores as part of their crime risk assessments.

Download the ABA Financial Industry Crime Analysis from CAP Index