Crime Trends in the Context of COVID-19 – Use of Risk Data in Threat Assessment

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Watch CAP Index’s VP of Consulting and Analytics, Basia Pietrawska, as she leads a panel discussion at the June 2020 Global Security Connection Virtual Tradeshow.

The panel includes practitioner perspectives from Stephanie Clarke (KeyBank) and Kevin Larson (Kroger) speaking about their experiences with crime trends in the retail and financial industries during COVID-19 through June 2020 and what they anticipate might happen in the coming months.

The presentation also highlights the importance of long-term and data-driven risk assessments, with CAP Scores as an integral component of this process.  Basia details examples of factors to consider when conducting risk assessments for the most optimal mitigation efforts as well as recommendations based on industry best practices and CAP Index’s extensive experience working with clients across a variety of sectors as they develop their risk and mitigation strategies.

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Basia Pietrawska – VP, Risk Consulting and Analytics
Stephanie Clarke – KeyBank
Kevin Larson – Kroger

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