A Conversation with CAP – Episode #2: Unemployment & Crime

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In episode #2 of “A Conversation with CAP,” we address the impact of unemployment on crime.

It certainly seems logical that high unemployment might lead to higher rates of crime, but many issues have to be considered. Does every change in unemployment result in a change in the crime rate? What are the effects of the length of unemployment on crime? What types of crime, if any, are impacted by unemployment? What economic indicators should one use to understand the impact of unemployment and crime? Emeritus Professor Adrian Beck and CAP Index EVP, Walter Palmer, discuss all of these topics as well as what the industry research and literature has to say on this issue.

You can watch the full episode by clicking on the video. Also, download a copy of Professor Beck’s paper titled “Exploring the Link Between Economics and Crime: A Complex Picture”.

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Download Professor Beck’s Paper Here

Walter Palmer, EVP of CAP Index
Adrian Beck, Professor Emeritus at University of Leicester 

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