McDonald’s and CAP Index Create Custom Risk Assessment Program

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Security Management Technology Provides Improved Risk Assessment & Security While Managing Costs & Liability.

Screenshot of R2AMP Dashboard

McDonald’s is the world’s largest hamburger fast-food chain – feeding 68 million people per day (more than the entire population of the UK) and serving 75 burgers every second.With more than 420,000 employees at over 36,000 locations in over 119 countries2 and a new McDonald’s location opening every 14.5 hours3, you can imagine what a monumental challenge it is to effectively and efficiently measure, document, and respond to each individual location’s crime challenges and security threats. That’s why they partnered with CAP Index – the leader in crime risk forecasting and security management technology.

Working closely with McDonald’s teams, we helped develop an innovative classification system and software solution called the Restaurant Risk Assessment Management Program or R2AMP.

Built using our dynamic security management tools, this comprehensive program was designed to identify and track security risks as well as provide corrective measures to be considered at specific McDonald’s locations. The R2AMP system provides McDonald’s with the following benefits:

“Building the new R2AMP restaurant risk assessment management program has been exciting. This is a tool we co-developed with CAP Index, and there’s nothing like it in our industry.” 
– Rob Holm, Senior Director of Safety and Security for US Operations at McDonald’s SA

  • Identify and Rank Security Risks. Using data such as geographic location, facility type, CAP Index Scores, and serious event history, McDonald’s locations are categorized into low, medium, and high-risk tiers.
  • Better Manage Costs by Optimizing Resource Allocation. Using the tier system, McDonald’s can now mitigate risk and optimize employee and customer safety while better managing
    costs by allocating asset protection resources where they can be most effective.
  • Standardize Incident Response and Reporting. The R2AMP system helps each location deliver a uniform response to and documentation of all serious incidents, while also providing a central repository for that information.
  • Monitor, Analyze, and Adjust. Using the collected data, McDonald’s can monitor changes at each location, visualize trends, and adjust security allocations accordingly.
  • Reduce Legal Liability. Premises security lawsuits are driven by companies that fail to protect people from reasonably foreseeable criminal conduct. Due diligence requires the assessment of risk factors and the refinement of security measures, given the risk.4 By incorporating CAP Index into this program, McDonald’s now has a robust crime management solution that will meet or exceed industry practices.

Of course, you don’t have to be one of the largest restaurant chains in the world to benefit from a partnership with CAP Index. Whether you have locations all over the globe or just a handful in a specific region, our dynamic security management technology is completely scalable. And it’s not just for restaurants either. Our Development and Consulting teams will work hands-on with you to customize a system specifically tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your business – whether it’s in retail, restaurants, banking, or any other industry.

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