A Conversation with CAP – Episode #1: COVID-19 & Crime

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Conversation with CAP - Episode 1 Banner - COVID 19 and Crime

Walter Palmer, EVP of CAP Index
Adrian Beck, Professor Emeritus at University of Leicester 

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Welcome to the first episode of “A Conversation with CAP,” our interactive forum to discuss the latest topics related to crime risk forecasting and recent events.¬†

In this installment, CAP Index’s EVP, Walter Palmer, speaks with Emeritus Professor Adrian Beck to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 on retail crime and loss. Walter and Adrian address the difficulties in making definitive judgments during this stage of the pandemic and speculate on the possible short, mid, and long-term impacts on retail loss prevention.

You can listen to the full episode below and click on the button to download a copy of Professor Beck’s paper titled “Some Reflections on Retail Loss Prevention in a Time of COVID-19”.

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Download Professor Beck’s Paper Here