Case Study: Utility / Industrial Company

Save Time & Money While Securing Critical Infrastructure

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CAP Index Strengthens a Fortune 25 Company’s Security Process and Adds Cost-Efficiencies by Delivering Actionable, Accurate, and Timely Crime Risk Data to Secure Critical Infrastructure.

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The Challenge

“I rely on CAP Index to enhance our organizational ability to objectively measure and project crime risk more efficiently, more economically, and more comprehensively” 
Manager, Security Policy, Compliance and Assurance for the Americas

North America’s leading oil and natural gas producer, gasoline and natural gas marketer, and petrochemical manufacturer, interested in securing critical infrastructure, partnered with CAP Index to optimize their risk assessment and resource allocation procedures. The industrial giant has critical energy infrastructure facilities located across the continent, including all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and in hundreds of unrelated and geographically separated locations.

Because of the widespread organization, accessing timely and accurate crime data can be cumbersome and expensive, and the information is often incomplete.

The Strategy

The company’s security leadership made protecting personnel and material assets a crucial priority. They developed a universal policy to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with best practices. CAP Index became a simple, yet critical, component of their strategy. Securing their critical infrastructure was a key part of this strategy.

Ensuring a safe and secure working environment for:
Facilities Nationwide

CAP Scores Became a Tangible Component of the Company’s Crime Risk Assessments

“I can say with confidence that our decision to implement CAP Scores has  been a great one, and as a result, over a successful ten-year-long relationship, we’ve thrived.”

A proven and tangible component of the company’s security risk assessment process is the application of CAP Index’s conveniently accessible and easily integrated CAP Index Scores. In addition to their inherent value, the scores are also cost-effective. Integrating CAP Scores into their security risk assessment protocol ensures that they have a reliable, accurate, and current crime risk measure for every location in the company’s extensive portfolio of properties and assets. 

Data Integration Boosts Results

The company’s Manager of Security Policy, Compliance and Assurance for the Americas oversees the security audit program for the company’s midstream and downstream operations. He created the audit program and integrated CAP Scores as one of the required metrics in the policy.

Software Program & Data Collection Bettered with CAP Scores

“It’s defensible. If you get into trouble at a facility and get sued, you’re going to be asked, ‘what did you base your security judgment on? It’s important in our industry to have a systematic, proven reliable method for assessing risk”The industrial giant built a custom software program for its internal security risk assessment and enters a range of parameters, including CAP Scores. When the program was originally implemented, the security department attempted to integrate crime risk data collected directly from individual police departments. Unfortunately, the information was hard to gather, often incomplete, and not even available in some jurisdictions. Occasionally, police department policy actually prohibited the dissemination of the requested data. Too often, personnel would be required to make multiple calls to different offices to gather data or even had to fly to remote locations to acquire the requisite information and statistics. By contrast, CAP Index data can be downloaded directly from the CRIMECAST Platform and imported effortlessly into the software program.

Improved Implementation

The company’s risk modeling program collates the various data – including CAP Scores – and produces a specific risk level for each facility. They also enacted a universal risk management approach that establishes a set of minimum security requirements for all locations. With mandatory requirements guiding staff at each location and giving them a “how-to” lesson on implementing physical and procedural security requirements at all of their facilities, the major industrial company, with CAP Index’s help, has improved security and supported their goal of securing critical infrastructure.

Data Power

By analyzing the objective CAP Scores in conjunction with their own internal data, the company now installs additional security measures beyond the basic requirements in higher risk locations, or, in some cases, may elect to waive certain requirements if they are deemed unnecessary in low risk environments. 

What Clients Say

CAP Reports are critical to my risk assessments. They have enabled us to take a more surgical approach to investing in our stores that need it the most.

Brad Reeves
Senior Manager of Asset Protection
Five Below, Inc.

CAP Index is the first tool I turn to when time is of the essence. I can always depend on CAP Index to provide me qualified crime information within a very few minutes that I feel comfortable reviewing with the C-Suite.

Stephen A. Brown, CPP
Director, Corporate Security / Facility Security Officer
Burns & McDonnell

CAP Index data is a vital part of our security decision-making process.

Keith McGlen, CPP, CHPA
Associate Vice President
System Security Services
Memorial Hermann Health System

CRIMECAST® Reports have helped our organization for many years to proactively assess the particular risk for crime surrounding our facilities. The CAP Index® CRIMECSAST Platform is an easy-to-use online service that provides us with the flexibility to share and decentralize crime risk data within our North America business units.

Carlos J. Cortez,
Manager, Global Security Programs,
Kraft Foods, Inc. / Mondelez International

Our property selectors are not discouraged from a site just because it receives a high score. What we do is issue every store – all of them – a security classification. The classification determines how we allocate our security resources to that store.

Claude Verville,

CAP Index's online platform, CRIMECAST, is great. It is easy to use and quick!

Ken Wieczorek,
Bank of America

In industries where there is high public contact and a customer is coming to our location (such as retail), why would you leave it to chance when planning security when there is an easy, affordable tool? When investing a million dollars on a location, what is this small charge compared to what it may cost you when you get sued?

Jay Beighley,
Nationwide Insurance

CAP Index assessments are a must for anyone engaged in asset protection. The new website is much improved and as important, easy to navigate.

Bruce List,
The Williams Companies

We have been using CAP Index for a few years and include it in our security vulnerability assessments. Highly recommend it.

Dan Yaross
Director, Protective Services
Nationwide Children's Hospital