A Conversation with CAP Episode #3 – A Discussion About Hospital and Healthcare Security

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A Conversation with CAP Episode 3 Banner - Hospital and Healthcare Security with Tony York

Welcome to Episode #3 of “A Conversation with CAP,” our interactive forum to discuss the latest topics and trends related to crime risk forecasting. 

In this installment, CAP Index’s, Stephen B. Longo, speaks with industry expert, Tony York, CPP, CHPA – Executive Vice President at Paladin Security & PalAmerican Security, about the latest updates in hospital and healthcare security.  Steve and Tony dive into a series of topics including the details of the latest security design guidelines from the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) and how COVID-19 may impact the future of security in the hospital and healthcare industry.

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Intro Introduction – What makes healthcare security so unique?
Topic #1 What are some resources to help navigate the Healthcare Security Industry?
Topic #2 How do the healthcare security industry guidelines differ from the security design guidelines for healthcare facilities?
Topic #3 The Third Edition of the Security Design Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities were just released in June 2020.  What new guidance was incorporated in these guidelines?  Is there specific guidance related to COVID-19?
Topic #4 How does one initiate the process of incorporating Security Design principles into their built environment?  Who should be involved?
Topic #5 Security vulnerability assessment is a critical element of Healthcare Security. Once the assessment is completed, what is the best process for a company to address their vulnerabilities? 
Topic #6 Workplace violence in the healthcare environment is a big disruption, specifically, “patient-generated violence.”  How big of an issue is violence in the healthcare industry?  What is driving it? And, how is it being addressed?
Conclusion Elevating the perception of healthcare security with data.

Follow these links to access some of the documents and information referenced in this episode.

the latest Security Industry Guidelines from the IAHSS

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