Cap Index

Millions of Crime Risk Data Points in 1 Report

Making the best crime risk decisions for your business is crucial. Information is key, but it must be the “right” information. Important facts such as your location’s crime risk and crime history, potential employee pool, community economic data, and other key socioeconomic measures all affect your decisions. CRIMECAST Reports can provide you with the specific information that will serve you best, and importantly, we can help you interpret that information and apply it to the decision-making process.

CRIMECAST Reports Help Streamline Your Efforts

Our quick process and one-stop shopping mean that you’ll have the data you need in your hands within minutes, for one location or a portfolio of locations.

CAP Reports provide you with crime risk intelligence and data-driven decision-making tools for your organization. Using your specific address, not just your ZIP Code, CRIMECAST Reports evaluate the risks at your sites and provide you with intelligence to mitigate them.

Every CRIMECAST Report includes:

  • CAP Index’s proven risk intelligence
  • Detailed, color-coded map(s) that depict the crime risks surrounding your locations
  • Risk data for each of the major crimes against persons and property
  • Past, current, and future crime risk scores
  • Data at the national, regional, and local levels
  • The 3-mile and/or the 6-mile methodology, tailored to different criminal targeting patterns

We offer two options to meet your business’s specific needs, CRIMECAST Premium Reports and CRIMECAST Basic Reports. Click here to compare the reports and consider which solution is most appropriate for you in terms of content and pricing. With CRIMECAST Reports, you’ll find the tools you need to make objective decisions and Outsmart Crime.

CRIMECAST Reports prepare you to make important decisions: